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Our Team

At B.M.W The Luxury Experience, our success is driven by the expertise and dedication of our talented staff. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every event. Our entire team works tirelessly whether at your event or behind the scenes to ensure that your experience with us exceeds expectations.

We strive to make your event a luxurious experience!

Brenda Wilkerson-Monroe 

CEO & President

Brenda, founder, CEO, and President of BMW The Luxury experience, is an integral part of the  organization's day-to-day operations but also significantly creates and implements long-term strategies, in order to continue to bring in demand services and client offerings that make BMW an event space and planning service second to none.

Gayle Jones

Vice President

Gayle, as the VP, often works directly under our CEO, Brenda Wilkerson-Monroe, to complete any important executive-level tasks . Brenda and Gayle  work together when making significant company decisions and strive to ensure your event is seamless

Geraldine Roberts

Executive Assitant

Geraldine, as our executive assistant, assists our executives with  scheduling,  prioritizing, responding to emails, answering and returning phone calls, maintaining documents and records, and any other administrative tasks needed to keep our team performing to your expectation

Sharon Thornton

Administative Assistant

Sharon, our administrative assistant, is the supportive force behind the entire team, she is a problem solver with excellent communication skills and impeccable attention to detail.

Jacqueline Adkins

Customer Service 

As our Customer Service Representative Jacqueline is here to understand your expectations, preferences, and goals for your event.  She will  ensure these are met with clear communication.

Michelle Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle has strong leadership skills and the ability to approach business from a creative point of view. As COO, she  leads our team of high-performing professionals to be efficient, productive, and effective.

Barbara Alston

Chief Financial Officer

Barbara  as our CFO, is responsible for reporting accurate and timely historical financial information about our company. All stakeholders in the company, including shareholders, analysts, creditors, employees, and other members of management, rely on the accuracy and timeliness of this information. 

Pamela Nichols

Chief Marketing Officer

As our Chief Marketing Officer, Pamela is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of our organization's marketing and advertising initiatives, and plays a vital role in our growth and strategy.

Thelma V Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

Thelma's duties and responsibilities, as our CTO, include reporting on the company’s technology status, goals, and or progress; Aligning the company’s technology resources with the organization’s short- and long-term goals, as well as serving on the executive committee to align technology goals to other departmental and organizational objectives.

Sharon Nichols

Marketing Manager

As our marketing manager, Sharon coordinates and meets with department employees and upper management to discuss the progress of ongoing campaigns and brainstorm ideas for new strategies. She reviews campaign data and approves marketing content for publication. 

Veronica Knowles

Product  Manager

Veronica is our product manager, andour go-to person for the product. She is heavily involved in and claims ownership of processes throughout the product’s life cycle. As the PM, Veronica plays a decision making role  having a broad knowledge and a deep understanding of  customer needs and the product.

Iris Jones

Project  Manager

In our project management role, Iris is responsible for every stage of a project, from ideating and planning to hiring teams, setting meeting timelines, and delivering on our client's expectation. 

Angela Jones


As our Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, Angela is a licensed accountant trained to understand and manage complex financial issues, from filing taxes to internal auditing.

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